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SayWhoa! used by Blane Wood

Wood Racing won all three Texas Classic Stakes Races at Lone Star Park Dec 20, 2015

Trey and Blane Wood - Supporters of SayWhoa! product has won all three Texas Classic Stakes Races at Lone Star Park, on Nov 14, 2015. Trey Wood won the…  read more →


Horse Sense Solutions is a Proud Sponsor of the ACTHA. We will have booth at 215 Great American Trail Horse Festival and Sponsor the Obstacle Course.…  read more →

Orion Saved from Colic - within 30 minutes

Jeff Wilson of Cowboy Dressage World of New York - Saves His Horse's Life - Orion Oct 11, 2015

911 Cowboy Distress - Jeff Wilson“My horse is irreplaceable, there isn't another like him," are thoughtsthat can echo through our minds whenever we…  read more →

Blane Wood qualified Sam Crow in All American Derby 2015 Aug 24, 2015

Blane Wood Qualified Sam Crow in the 2015 All American Derby. Blane is a firm believer in SayWhoa! products for horses. He keeps with him when traveling…  read more →

Blane Wood Winner of the 2015 Rainbow Futurity

Blane Wood QH Race Winner of the 2015 Rainbow Futurity - Tres Friends Jul 21, 2015

Blane Wood QH Race Trainer of Multiple Champions Winner of the 2015 Rainbow Futurity - Tres Friends. “SayWhoa is the next thing to a miracle for treating…  read more →


Summertime Feeding & Traveling Jun 29, 2015

​In the summer time you may now be feeding more grains and hay since the fields are not as green and lush or you may be traveling with your horse and using different types of hay.  read more →

Laboratory tested

New line of products for Horse Sense Solutions Jun 19, 2015

After 3 years of research with prominent veterinarians, chemists and an ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 registered lab facility, we are excited to introduce our new line of products.  read more →

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