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SayWhoa! is on hand at Monty Robert's Flag Is Up Farms – “Well know as the Horse Whisper.”

In our experience here at Monty Robert's Flag Is Up Farms we had 100% success with using SayWhoa!. We had several wild mustangs that we adopted from the BLM and three of them colic in the span of two weeks. We used your product and saved all three including one that was severe and thought to not survive. I highly recommend this product and would always keep a few bottles around for safeties sake.

Kind regards,

Laurel Roberts (Monty Roberts' Daughter)

Monty Roberts Flag Is Up Farm - Buellton, California

The formulation of the OS-MO-FLO is effectively designed to keep digestive tract flowing correctly. Natural solutions for normal stools.

W.C. Campaigne D.V.M

Dawn Diovera editor of Horse and Man

For Tess, she sometimes won't move around as much as needed to create a good digestive flow. And even though I wet all of her food and leave clean, cool water everywhere for her, she might not drink enough, either, especially when it is really hot. Sometimes, she has small and dry manure for a few days.

This upsets me. So, I give her psyllium powder fairly regularly. But it doesn't always work. In fact, I think her body is getting used to it… Anyway, yesterday, I thought her manure was too dry (and had been for a few days), so I administered the HAUL 'N GO last night. HAUL 'N GO is used for the times when your horse has dry stools or is not flowing well. Maybe after a trailer ride, in hot weather or at a show… or if stalled.

It was easy… the liquid comes in an easy paste dispenser. I put the plunger into her mouth (like a wormer) and made sure it was far back – then pushed. She gulped it down. And, to be honest, she seemed to like the taste. Tess kept licking her lips.


And, voila! This morning, Mama Tess had a nice few piles of wet and lumpy manure, as it should be. I'm guessing she was relieved and I know I was.

In the morning there were four nice, wet, clumpy piles.

Dawn Diovera - Grass Valley, California

Long read, but when you start reading – you just can't stop – this could be your situation.

Story written by Wendy Malone what every horse owner needs sitting on their shelf.

What can I say....the word HORSES from my childhood conjured up visions of riding the most beautiful horse in the world with
flowing mane and tail galloping across my dreams and never touching down his feet on earthly soil....only to awake and realize....I must own horses and love horses forever. There began my journey with horses before I could even draw and read every horse book ever made. I own the ranch now in Victor, Montana, which is just below the towering majestic mountains of the Bitterroot valley. The lastbest place to raise good mountain horses where they can still run free on big pastures of fresh air and fresh mountain streams. I run 40 head in the winter and 60 in the summers with 5 stallions. Read story submitted by Wendy Malone.. click here for word doc.

Wendy Malone Spotted Fawn Paints - Victor, Montana

Heidi Potter is a Certified Centered Riding© Instructor & Clinician, a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer and a CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Master Instructor/Clinician. She travels internationally, teaching a wide variety of training and riding clinics designed for riders of all disciplines and for all breeds of horses. Heidi also teaches, trains and holds events at her Southern Vermont facility, The New England Center for Horsemanship.

"SayWhoa" helped our horse two weeks ago! Evening chores were done and it was still light out. This is one of the simple pleasures appreciated by farmers and ranchers here in the Northeast. On this particular evening, as it turned out, the extra daylight proved to be a Godsend. My husband Rob and I had peeled off the winter layers and were thinking about dinner. Rob happened to glance out over the fields towards the barn and noticed an unfamiliar sight. He said, "Hey look, your horse is laying down." I noticed that it wasn't actually my horse but the other big, dark horse on the farm. It was a teenage Warmblood mare named "Light." We watched her for a moment to see if she was just there for a quick roll in the snow. After a few minutes we had our answer-not rolling, just laying. This was totally out of character as the other horses in the herd were still eating hay. The alarm bells rang! This mare NEVER walks away from food, especially hay in winter. We got dressed back up and headed for the barn. She was quiet when we approached and willingly allowed us to lead her to the barn. Her vitals were normal but her expression was dull and her gut sounds were minimal. We decided to administer the "SayWhoa", product we had on hand to see if that would help. We had successfully used it one time in the past. We hung out for a few minutes and then put her in a stall with some water.

I checked her 30 minutes later. She met me with ears pricked, bright eyes and offered a nicker. Her gut sounds were improved but she hadn't passed any manure so I decided to leave her in. A few hours later I rechecked her. She had consumed some water, passed 3 piles of manure and urinated, thus earning her a ticket to go outside and rejoin her herd. What a great relief!

As you may know, colic is the number one killer of horses. I was introduced to this product at a CHA International Conference at the Kentucky Horse Park. The creators of this product had a booth set up. I visited with them, learned about their product, listened to some testimonials and decided it was worth the investment.

This all natural product is designed to improve normal digestive flow. Horses can become dehydrated and impacted by simple weather changes, feeding, riding, changes of environment, etc. Catching an early impaction can make a big difference in the chances of survival.

Heidi Potter - Guilford, Vermont

SayWhoa! Endorsed by Blane Wood Leading Quarter Horse Trainer

Winner of Rainbow Futurity 2015

Blane & Trey Wood:
• Leading Quarter Race Horse Trainer
• 150 Quarter Horses in Training at Lubbock
• Runs on Major Tracks in United States
• Qualified 3 for the All American Futurity 2011
• Heritage Place Futurity 2012
• Winners of the Sam Houston Futurity 2013
• Winner again – of the Heritage Place Futurity 2013
• 1st and 2nd in the Rainbow Futurity 2013
• Leading Trainer of the Year in Ruidoso, New Mexico 2013

Blane Wood - “SayWhoa product gives us results every time without fail. I recommend that every horse owner keep this readily available on their shelf." Trey and I both keep SayWhoa at any place we have horses; whether they are at a race track, sale barn, or our training tracks both in Brock and in Lubbock, Texas. Easy to administer orally. For horses under stress from shipping, especially the sale colts that seem to be off their feed, the SayWhoa works. It is the next thing to a miracle. Don't get caught without it."
SayWhoa! Endorsement by Blane Wood

Blane Wood - Lubbock, Texas

World-famous Rodeo Clown, Leon Coffee is a United States Army veteran, bullfighter, and “man in the can", the lifetime gold card member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), (joined in 1973) He has worked the National Finals Rodeo in four different decades, with his familiar green hat and happy face. - He is also a roper which he travels and competes in roping events.

“I have used many times over the past few years. SayWhoa! is amazing – I take it with me on trips. I won't travel without it"

Leon Coffee - Blanco, Texas

Tim Alderson at Pine Cove Christian Camps:

“I have used SayWhoa product on many horses in the past. We have 3 facilities with total horses of over 100. Pine Cove will always have it on hand. In using this product for the last 3 years, I have not had to call a vet and have not lost a horse due to digestive problems"

Tim Alderson Pine Cove Christian Camps - Tyler, Texas

SayWhoa! endorsed by Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductee

Tee Woolman:
• Over $2 Million in career earnings in the PRCA
• 3 Time World Champion
• 6 Time NFR Average Champion
• Holds the record for the most NFR qualification
• Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame inductee
We always have SayWhoa in our barn or in the trailer! We have seen this work many times. It is an amazing product.

Tee Woolman - Llano, Texas

Jacque Woolman Barrel Racer and Roper:
• Barrel Racing – NFR Qualifier
• Many time qualifier to the Texas Circuit Finals
• Texas Circuit Champion
• TBRA Reserve Champion
• NARC Finals Reserve Champion
• Various Championships at all Rodeo, Roping & Barrel Racing Levels
• Team Roping- 2004 USTRC Cruel Girl Year End Champion
• 2009 Wildfire All-Girl Roping Reserve Champion
• 2009 Reno Rodeo Invitational All-Girl Roping Reserve Champion

Jacque Woolman - Llano, Texas

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