Horse Sense Solutions
The natural way to keep things flowing.
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Horse Sense Solutions Product Line is a Revolutionary concept which assists with the normal flow of digestion. Often, horses may have digestion difficulties by simple acts of severe weather change, change in their routine or an abrupt change in feed source.

Our products provide a common sense approach to keeping the digestive tract flow moving appropriately. These products need to be readily available on your shelf. Very simple to use. Available in paste form and also in liquid form with oral dosing syringe.

Our Common Sense Approach

If you see signs of digestive flow not appropriately taking place, it may be as simple as your horse refusing feed. Horse Sense Solutions has different products for different needs. It's what you do first. Our product is unique to any product on the market, by the “response" in maintaining the normal flow. Keep products readily available on your shelf. Our products DO NOT contain probiotics. It also comes in a special formulation for Dogs & Cats.

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