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​What is the shelf life of Horse Sense Solutions products?

5 years

​What temperature should I store it?

Best stored at Room Temperature 70 degrees. Although, high temperatures do not affect integrity of products. If accidentally freezes just thaw out and use will not affect the products. Temperature does not affect product. May keep in feed room or in trailer.

​How should products be administered?

All products designed for easy application. Just lift your horse's or pet's head upward; with the included open end syringe (like a wormer) squeeze in the mouth and watch them swallow. Has a sweet taste! That's all there is to it! All Feeding Directions are located on labels. Oral dosing syringe is included in canister with all of our Liquid Formulas. We have created Paste Form also for easy applications.

​How do you compare with similar products on the market?

We are horse owners. We understand the need of our customers. We treat our horses as family members. Through years of experience, we have seen digestive problems that needed to be addressed quickly and actually solving the problem, not just masking the symptoms. We believe there is nothing on the market place that can compare to our products. Certified Laboratory which products are manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 registered facility, which operates in strict compliance with 21 CFR 820 and cGMP Current Good Manufacturing Practices: Ensures that each batch is formulated to exact specifications, assuring quality & consistency. It is our policy not to get into comparisons or discussions about our competitors and their products. We believe in Horse Sense Solutions, but we also encourage you to do all the research you feel is necessary concerning our competitors to make an informed decision that's best for you and your horses. We are more than happy to address questions or concerns about our product and standards to which it is made.

​Can I become a Retailer?

Horse Sense Solutions work directly with the retailers (brick and mortar type set ups). We have sales agents that work here in the office contacting the stores. Retail Application

However, if you would like to ask your feed store to carry. We do send you a thank you gift for helping your personal feed store set up.Be sure and email back your name address and phone number and the feed store or tack shop you will be talking with. This would "only" be the feed store you directly buy from, not going out and talking to stores that you are not affiliated with.

We also have an Affiliate Program for linking our website to yours and earning commissions.

​What is the difference between SayWhoa! and OS-MO-FLO?

SayWhoa has been on the market for about 3 years. It has amazing results on digestive flow. OS-MO-FLO is a newly introduced product that been researched over the last 3 years with outstanding results. The products are both similar in that they keeps the digestive tract moving and promotes bowel movements of retained stool. Comparing both of them - the ingredients are slightly different and the formulation is also different in preparation. OS-MO-FLO is in a paste form and SayWhoa! is in liquid form. It is up to customer preference which one to use. Customers have seen the amazing results of SayWhoa! in the past and will stay brand loyal. Other customers needing the more convenient ready to use paste may opt OS-MO-FLO. We reformulated the SayWhoa! to make an easier application with the "paste - ready to use" and also was able to bring the cost lower.

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