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Summertime Feeding & Traveling

Jun 29, 2015

In the summer time you may now be feeding more grains and hay since the fields are not as green and lush or you may be traveling with your horse and using different types of hay.

Your horse's environment may upset the digestive system. As simple as an abrupt change in feed. Rapidly Changing your Feed: A part of your horse's intestinal tract is called the cecum which is actually in the shape of a pouch and is about 4 foot in length. This holds 7 to 8 gallons of roughages such as hay, grass, hulls, beet pulps, etc type feed stuff that was not absorbed by the small intestine. The cecum is a microbial fermentation vat that mixes the food stuffs for approximately 7 hours. It contains microbes that produce enzymes to break down the fibrous foods like hay, beet pulp, grass, hulls, etc. However the microbes are very specific to what they break down and they have adapted to breaking down the feed you usually give your horse or the pasture he usually grazes in. If you have a sudden change in either the grains or the hays you have been feeding. The microbes will not break it down efficiently, because they are slow to modify and adapt to new feed sources. So, now the feed stuffs that are in larger than normal pieces, will be pushed through the intestinal tract by the smooth muscle waves of peristalsis. Since these are now in larger mass than usual this would predispose your horse to impactions.

OS-MO-FLO is the perfect solution that just makes sense. OS-MO-FLO assist in keeping the digestive tract flowing properly to assist with normal bowel movements. It is amazing how our product works.

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