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SayWhoa has been on the market for about 3 years. It has amazing results on digestive flow. OS-MO-FLO is a newly introduced product that been researched over the last 3 years with outstanding results. The products are both similar in that they keeps the digestive tract moving and promotes bowel movements of retained stool. Comparing both of them - the ingredients are slightly different and the formulation is also different in preparation. OS-MO-FLO is in a paste form and SayWhoa! is in liquid form. It is up to customer preference which one to use. Customers have seen the amazing results of SayWhoa! in the past and will stay brand loyal. Other customers needing the more convenient ready to use paste may opt OS-MO-FLO. We reformulated the SayWhoa! to make an easier application with the "paste - ready to use" and also was able to bring the cost lower.

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