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We are horse owners. We understand the need of our customers. We treat our horses as family members. Through years of experience, we have seen digestive problems that needed to be addressed quickly and actually solving the problem, not just masking the symptoms. We believe there is nothing on the market place that can compare to our products. Certified Laboratory which products are manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 registered facility, which operates in strict compliance with 21 CFR 820 and cGMP Current Good Manufacturing Practices: Ensures that each batch is formulated to exact specifications, assuring quality & consistency. It is our policy not to get into comparisons or discussions about our competitors and their products. We believe in Horse Sense Solutions, but we also encourage you to do all the research you feel is necessary concerning our competitors to make an informed decision that's best for you and your horses. We are more than happy to address questions or concerns about our product and standards to which it is made.

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