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3. Why Colic is still the #1 reason for Deaths in Horses

Reba Martinez

What you should know about impaction colic: As you followed along the digestive tract, I have brought your attention to reasons a horse may have colic. It may be your horse's teeth not properly maintained, over feeding at one time or sudden change of feed, or not adequate intake of water. Not drinking enough water can be simply as a severe weather change. Horses drink when weather is warm, but if it suddenly drops overnight to 20 to 30 degrees or lower; the horse does not feel thirsty or hot the next day, so they do not drink adequate amounts.

Impaction Colic is the number one killer of horses. Feed stuffs must be adequately broken down through digestion and flowing properly through a well hydrated horse. If not, the results are large masses of the chyme being moved slowly and actually trapped in the colon. Remember as explained above, the colon keeps
doing its job as usual, pulling out the moisture to make fecal balls. When movement of digestion is slowed down, the colon actually pulls so much water out of the feed stuff, that it is now sticking (adhering) to the mucosal lining.

If given mineral oil as a treatment for impaction colic, it will usually not work because the barrier made in chyme
sticking to the mucosal lining. The oil is not getting through to the other end and you do not see it being
eliminated. Also, giving muscle relaxants (NSAIDs) as a treatment for impaction colic will not work because you need the smooth muscles to help with peristalsis (wave like movements) in moving partial digested feed stuffs

SayWhoa! to horses in distress. This product assists in reversing the situation to aid in bringing body fluids back into the colon which supples up the mucosal lining which releases the adhering feed stuffs. Then the ionic solution of calcium plus other natural ingredients aid in promoting smooth muscles needed for peristalsis
which assists in elimination of retained stools. SayWhoa! has been on the market for some time now and is sold in over 700 stores across the United States. It is also available in Canada. Why wouldn't you keep this on hand with a 5 year shelf life, no temperature control and the horse just swallows it with an included oral dosing syringe (even your care taker can give). Use as your first defense when you see signs of colic strike. For more information, go to or call 800-448-8180. See why veterinarians recommend this and leading trainers won't be without it. Coupon Code: OSMOSIS for $15.00 savings off your order

by Reba Martinez – Horse Sense Solutions

Next blog - will be more detailed information on Colic Signs and Symptoms and Prevention

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Hi Reba!
Loved your articles! You did a great job explaining the functions and the breakdown in system function that we all need to be aware of. Love that
Say Whoa! addresses the issues in a smart new way. I certainly wish I
had been aware of your product when I lost my all time favorite in 2007...

My best,
Karen Smith

Apr 25, 2016 6:48 pm
- Karen Smith, Orca Communications

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